Diagrams, expressive, multilevel, detailed

The expressive visual tool, which adapts to your world

Create advanced Concept Maps, Mind Maps, Flowcharts,
Models and Diagrams beyond simple drawings!

As a professional, student or creative person, you probably work analyzing, creating and exposing entities with complex attributes, relationships and dependencies; struggling to make effective solutions on time, needing to explain and convince an audience; and facing diverse perspectives on different problems.

With ThinkComposer you can apply the power of comprehensive visual documents to get the job done and work better. Your flowcharts, concept maps, models and other kind of diagrams can be much more than just embedded images in text-docs or presentations, they can represent the insights and knowledge of your very specialized domain or environment.

Visual Thinking

Visual Thinking

Evolve into the Benefits of using comprehensive,
composable and adaptable visual documents!

  • Brainstorming Capture and develop those bright ideas you have!
  • Knowledge Organizer Help your mind to organize and visualize complex thoughts!
  • Presentation Tool Clearly present your ideas, to be convincent and fully understanded.
  • Semantic Mapping Define graphic and semantic elements for your specialized domain.
  • Knowledge Representation Express your solution designs and knowledge with precision.
  • Productivity Software Improve your productivty and creativity with this easy and flexible tool.

Consider some examples of the core Features...

Compose ideas within ideas, at multiple levels

Each idea can have a complete diagram within, spaning multiple levels.
Example of a simple aircraft design, expanded per component:

Concept Mapping

Specialize visual elements to represent your domain

Ideas can have their own graphic style and information, based on user semantics.
Example of a customized Genealogy Tree, exposing annotated relationships:

Custom Domain: Genealogy/Family Tree

Connect ideas using powerful Relationships

Relationships can have rich-content details, plus multiple origins and targets.
Also, their Connectors can represent diverse role-based variants with precision.

Concept Mapping

Generate complete Reports from your Compositions

Export the rich information of your Compositions as PDF/ XPS documents.
Plus, generate HTML Reports which can be easily published in your website!

Diagram Report

Visualize basic and extended information

Ideas' symbol can include title+subtitle, pictogram, markers, plus hanging details.
Example of a Food visually represented, plus a couple of simple details:

Rich Content Diagram

Show/hide and format the relevant details

Ideas can be further detailed with attachments, links and tables.
Example of a beverage visually described, including precise details in a table:

Detailed Diagram

Ideas can be based on definitions/types, thus allowing reuse

Each Idea is well described by a Definition (type).
Visual explanation of how Ideas are typified and described by Idea Definitions:

Domain Language

Extend ideas with valuable information

Idea details can be predefined to have certain nomenclature, kind and structure.
Visual explanation of how details are designated and appended to Ideas:

Domain Modeling

Everybody can work smarter using ThinkComposer!

ThinkComposer is free software!


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  • Open Source OPEN SOURCE:
    Aside from get it free of charge, you can also
    share, modify or extend ThinkComposer as needed.
    You can view and download its source code from GitHub right now!
  • Windows software Runs in Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP (SP3):
    Takes full advantage of your PC, using the .NET Framework 4.0 and WPF.
  • Shareware Plus...
    Predefined templates, custom file/code generation and version updates.

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